Token SymbolSNAP
Estimated value$52
Expiry date5 Sep, 2018
Published date26/08/2018

Token Overview


You share your images with us, we share the benefits with you, everyone, everywhere in the world, can win SnapCoin - Reporters, moderators, viewers and content creators Snapparazzi is an independent, revolutionary and decentralized media sharing and advertising platform using blockchain technology and offering SnapCoin rewards to everyone.

Token Requirement

Required tools:  Telegram  Twitter  Facebook  Reddit  YouTube  LinkedIn  Others

  1. Start the Telegram Bot
  2. Join Telegram
  3. Join Telegram Bounty
  4. Follow Twitter
  5. Like Facebook and type a comment on a post with following hashtags:  #Snapparazzi #ICO #BeTheWorldsEye
  6. Retweet of this Tweet with the following tags: #Snapparazzi #ICO #BeTheWorldsEye
  7. Follow Reddit and comment one posts with the following tags: #Snapparazzi #ICO #BeTheWorldsEye
  8. Follow Linkedin
  9. Follow Instagram and comment one photo with the following tags: #Snapparazzi #ICO #BeTheWorldsEye
  10. Subscribe to Youtube
  11. Once all these tasks are completed, you will unlock a bonus reward
  12. Submit your details to the bot
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